Kudos Cloud Based Reporting (KPI) well recieved

George Vakis, IT Manager at W M Ritchie in Sydney, Importer, Distributor and Retailer of famous shoe brands including Sandlers, reports they are extremely pleased with the new range of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and Stock by Location, now available on any Mobile Device, Tablet or PC using a Browser and Internet connection. Sandlers have 21 Stores which are located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Each Store has CI POS, the dedicated Point of Sale software, and all Stores Communicate in real time to Head Office, where an SQL Server is located that runs the CI Office Retail Management Software. Sandlers also have a number of web sites, that utilise the eRetailer CMS which is provided by Kudos, and integrates with the Counter Intelligence Office Software. George has made the observation that the features found in CI Office are normally only found in much more expensive software.  

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