CI Serve - for touch screen applications on tablet or POS Terminal

CI Serve takes the look and feel of Point of Sale to a whole new level by introducing "Swipe” or "gesture” technology to the Point of Sale marketplace.

Many users are now accustomed to swiping their smartphone or IPad to view extended pages and this same concept is available in CI Serve. By being able to "page” to another screen means that many more products can be viewed on one layer avoiding having to drill down through multiple layers. Of course the traditional method of "drill down” through menu layers is still provided for with no limitation on the levels that you can drill to. Also "pop-up” screens may be designed to add another selection level.

Built using the very latest Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) language CI Serve has been designed to deliver a fast and highly responsive interface even in the most intense graphic button presentation. Microsoft WPF is designed to render images to screen exceptionally fast and overcomes the time old problem with touch technology where there is a time lag when screens are refreshed.

The screen layout of CI Serve will dynamically re-size to suit the size and characteristics of the screen it is running on or optionally the user may re-size it to their own particular needs. CI Serve has been designed from the ground up to provide infinite flexibility in the layout of the screens, the grids, the buttons and the functionality. This design functionality is available in the full version of the software which includes the Designer module.

A series of standard layouts and skins are available to suit most retail situations. You may then personalize your products to the layout. Beyond this you may either have your dealer design a personalized screen layout or indeed purchase the clip-on Layout Designer.

A full customer side display allows the customer to view the sales lines as they are being entered together with an image of the product. Promotional or entertaining videos may be loaded in a default location and run unattended throughout the day.


CI Serve One

CI Serve One is designed for the retail situation where stock control is not required or appropriate. Rather this retailer is looking for a high speed method of accurately processing sales of product which may be a combination of using the touch screen and scanning barcoded items. Typical situations might be a green grocer, delicatessen, bakery, dairy etc. The Serve-One system will be delivered with a file of 1,000 PLU’s preloaded with the products and images appropriate for your retail type. The code, description, barcode, price and image of these products may be changed to suit your particular or changing needs. If you prefer to have a customised solution then you maintain products in a spread sheet and import them into Serve. A Reporting facility allows a sales report to be produced for any nominated period.

CI Serve Two

This is the more advanced version of CI Serve and is designed to communicate with the Counter Intelligence Office software where full stock control and retail reporting is available. For those users wishing to design their own keyboard layouts the CI Serve Designer software can be purchased as a separate module to allow complete freedom in screen design.

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