Proven Point of Sale Software

A very fast and efficient method of processing retail POS sales, Counter Intelligence POS is intuitive, logical, and easy to use β€” and it has to be: it is used every day by thousands of retail sales people across Australasia

Every function has been thoughtfully designed to be simple and logical and to pre-empt the thought process of the sales person. This means minimal keystrokes, increased productivity, and fast user-training

High Reliability - Counter Intelligence Point of Sale maintains its own robust POS database and delivers a fast and responsive solution no matter what the state of the internet or environment is.

Live updating of the sales information to your back office happens seamlessly in the background meaning your sales, stock and customer information is up to the moment across all of your stores and website.

CI POS offers integration with most of the popular EFTPOS terminals and payment systems such as Laybuy, Zip and Afterpay

A full order processing system allows customer orders to be entered at POS and later recalled for fulfilment. This also makes processing of web orders an easy task for retail staff to complete at Point of Sale.

Counter Intelligence POS may be used on a monthly rental or the license purchased for perpetuity – call today for details.


POS Live 24/7
retail requires high availability and the Counter Intelligence Point of Sale system delivers this 24/7 no matter what the state of the internet. A full database set is maintained at POS meaning that products, customers and inventory remain true and available.
Security Levels
salespersons security levels provide peace of mind as they operate with their permitted activities at POS.
POS Promotions
by defining multiple promotions you can be sure to deliver a purposeful targeted activity in a defined window of time.
Inventory Enquiries
secure that sale by knowing where the inventory is – view and request the stock from the warehouse or another store.
Customer Loyalty
implementing a points system in your store will encourage customers to return to earn and spend points.
Gift Vouchers
sell and redeem gift vouchers and keep absolute track of the spend and balance by using voucher serial numbers for sale and redemption.
the traditional layby is a great way to increase customer store visits to pay off their layby balance and of course to be tempted into something new that catches their eye.
Park POS Sales
a sale may easily be parked and recalled later that day or into the future.
Branch Transfers
delight your customers by transferring product from a store carrying the stock they are looking for.
Foreign Currency
for retailers in the tourism sector Counter Intelligence POS offers an integrated module that will sell and buy at rates where you dictate the margin.
Email receipts
offer your customers the convenience of emailing them their receipts at POS. They will love you for it and with their permission you can then have them in your loyalty system.
Customer Quotes
at POS create a quote, print it out and store it for later retrieval. Follow up on the outstanding quotes and turn these into sales!
Customer Orders at POS
for retailers selling furniture, whitegoods etc the ability to mark each line of a sale as taken or ordered provides great flexibility on how you deliver the product to the customer in the best way.
POS discounts
it’s easy to give a discount of individual lines or the total sale either manually or by a triggered discount.
Demographic Analysis
knowing where your customers live, the promotions they respond to together with their purchasing habits allows the switched on retailer to respond and be directional in their marketing push.
Print Labels
a wide choice of label formats can be printed at POS at inwards goods or for re merchandising returned goods.
Sign on/off
This process will allow a retailer to determine how to staff their stores by analyzing the hours worked and then relating this to revenue.
Customer Counts
Kudos door footfall counting devices will report on the customers entering your store and produce reports on sales ratios relative to the store and time of day.
defining a standard float means a fast and accurate cash up at the end of the day.
Integrated EFTPOS
most of the popular integrated EFTPOS systems can be implemented with Counter Intelligence POS to provide a high level of customer satisfaction through a fast process at POS. Offerings include Windcave, EFTPOS New Zealand, Smartpay and Nitro.
Buy now Pay later
this method of payment has been trending throughout last year and allows consumers to spread their payments over 4 to 6 payments at no additional cost. Offerings include Afterpay, Laybuy and Zip.
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