e-retailer - Creating and operating an online store just got easy!

Kudos e-retailer is an easy to use website builder that creates beautiful websites which makes selling your products through an online store a breeze!.

Using Counter Intelligence as the source of truth for products, customers, loyalty and inventory e-retailer provides the perfect system when selling online and instore. All of the information at Point of Sale in your physical store is mirrored on the website

Using mobile first web development e-retailer is based on the popular Bootstrap responsive framework that delivers a Google friendly web store from mobile to desktop.

A rich set of internal options together with a full HTML editor and CSS means that a highly unique website can be up and running quickly.

Start from scratch or use our templates to build your website. Use your own Designer or our own in-house Designers to create a website you will be proud of.

The ability to maintain and configure the meta information at a low level creates SEO advantages over other webstore builders by delivering meaningful snippets.

A set of configuration tools allow the website to change its look and feel to make it kick in your retail segment.

Click and Collect in e-retailer webstore allows customer orders to be designated to the most appropriate branch that can supply the customer’s order.

Dynamic allocation of orders to the location capable of best fulfilling it reduces staff time and delivers the purchase to the customer in a timely manner.

linking in with Google, Facebook, Nosto, Afterpay, Laybuy and others e-retailer provides an environment that ensures your website will be an ecommerce winner.

Full cart abandonment follow ups are an integral part of e-retailer and this works to in win over those who hesitate.


Counter Intelligence
Maintain your products in one place – yes all of the instore and online product information is maintained in one place – no awkward interfaces, no switching between systems – everything is seamless and easy! Stock and customer information is continually flowing between all systems – instore and on-line. We call it the perfect answer! read more ›
Counter Intelligence
Share product images between in-store and online. The same images used online will also populate around all fixed POS and mobile POS positions. This provides consistency of interface between systems.
Counter Intelligence
Customers are at the core of e-retailer and the name, address and preferential loyalty information may be updated in Counter Intelligence, the physical store or the online e-retailer store. This make it easy to keep everything coordinated in one database.
Counter Intelligence
Customer Loyalty - in store or online the same customer loyalty system allows customers to accure and spend loyalty points. The complete customer database is present and accessible from any device anywhere for standard customers, loyalty customers and commercial business to business.
Counter Intelligence
Cut to the chase - let customers find the products they want quickly. Filters provide a method of setting multiple selections which are sensitive to the category being displayed - includes colour, size, brand, label and other customisable fields.
Counter Intelligence
Search across the complete website for the product or information you are seeking.
Counter Intelligence
Price Range - allow a customer to search for products within their price zone by allowing price parameters like $100 - $150.
Counter Intelligence
Show only sale items - this feature allows you to create a page that will display only items which are on sale. This may be invoked within categories. Alternatively you may create a separate website that displays only on sale items - this then keeps your main site fresh with new product and not mixed with sale product
Counter Intelligence
Product Information Tabs - group or product level.
Counter Intelligence
Multiple Images per Colour - show individual colours on the Category Page, although you have used the colour/size matrix you have wish to show all of the colours on the category page.
Counter Intelligence
Video Enable - provide another dimension by accessing video clips to enhance the sales opportunity.
Counter Intelligence
Wish List - this allows a customer to add and remove items from a wish list. When they are ready the customer may move items from the Wish List to the Shopping Cart. The ability to email your wishlist to a friend is also available.
Counter Intelligence
Lookbooks - provides the ability to create look books for showcasing products based on either clusters of products or individual products. Multiple look books may be maintained - eg Summer 15, Winter 16 etc. Available in Gold Version only.
Counter Intelligence
Coupons - a great way to increase traffic is to offer promotional coupons that may offer a dollar or percentage discount off individual lines or a total order even free freight. The offer may be active between two specified dates and may apply to specific product categories, brands, labels etc. To encourage sign ups the coupons can be made visible to signed on customers only.
Counter Intelligence
Gift Registry - for special events customers may create a registry from which friends can select and purchase individual items. Available in Gold Version only.
Counter Intelligence
Let the customers recommend your products to others - the review section allows a customer to write a review and to score the product based on criteria you nominate. The review stays pending until you validate that it is in good faith and accept it. You can enable pros and cons, share reviews to Facebook and Twitter. Captcha options prevent auto generated spam.
Counter Intelligence
Gift Wrapping - provide that final special touch by offering gift wrapping and card options at the checkout stage.
Counter Intelligence
Templates to get you going - you can either start with a blank canvas or we will supply a starting template appropriate to your business type. You may choose to enhance this template yourself (if you have the requisite skills), have Kudos staff create your design or use a third party designer. All formatting is industry standard CSS and HTML so it most anyone with web skills can work with it.
Counter Intelligence
Become self sufficient - Kudos will provide instructions on how you may edit and create your own pages where you are able to use a Word like editor to insert text, images, links etc. This means that you don't need to rely on outside resources which are often expensive and unable to respond in a timely manner. Therefore if you wish to announce a Summer Sale you can!
Counter Intelligence
WOW Slider option - display multiple images on your front page using the optional WOW Slider - all you need to do is upload an image and the system will update the slideshow to your new selection. This allows you to keep the front page fresh and relevant.
Counter Intelligence
Business to Business - when dealing with business's e-retailer provides a different face - only allowing pricing to show when a customer logs on and then only showing pricing specific to that business customer. This can also be used for online entry of customer orders by sales reps, also great for checking stock availability when in the field.







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