EFTPOS Solutions with Counter Intelligence POS

Today up to 80% of retail customer transactions make payment by use of a debit, credit or PIN entry card making a reliable business solution essential for collecting your revenues in an accurate and secure manner.

There are 3 ways of undertaking this process after ringing up the sale on your POS register:

  • Use manual zip zap paper based documentation
  • Re-entering the purchase amount into a dedicated EFTPOS terminal
  • Using an Integrated Eftpos process whereby the POS terminal executes the payment process directly with the Eftpos provider

Counter Intelligence POS software handles each of these solutions and provides robust reporting processes to ensure accountability of all financial transactions. When you install Counter Intelligence, you can have the choice of how you want to handle this important business process – stay with your existing process or move to Integrated EFTPOS, the safer and more accurate solution.

Business Benefits of Integrated EFTPOS

Integration reduces the potential costs and loss of money associated with human error because the transaction value requested for payment from EFTPOS is the same as the amount of the sale on the POS thereby preventing under charging. Also the sale on the POS will not be closed off until the payment has been successfully processed with EFTPOS thereby preventing "leakage” or "double charging" problems.

All debit, credit and PIN entry transactions are supported by the application along with manual entry for card holder not present transactions like mail & telephone orders. The manual function can be available from any internet connection meaning remote transactions can be processed separate from the POS when required.

Reduces Customer wait time – besides being faster and more secure, electronic offline vouchers can still be processed in store even when the EFTPOS network goes down meaning the customer experience is uninterrupted.

Real time access is available to each EFTPOS lane from any location within your business so transaction verification is a quick and easy. Online reporting also reduces the reconciliation process if required.

There is no need for a separate EFTPOS printer as the application will use your POS printer saving you an additional cost as well as leaving more retail counter space for you to utilize.

By using a broadband connection option you no longer will require a dedicated telephone line producing a savings of up to $50 per month.

Solution Providers

Kudos Solutions works effortlessly with the three major EFTPOS solutions

Payment Express

So no matter where you are at with your electronic payment solution Kudos staff will ensure you have a trouble free installation. Call us now on +61 2 84592009 to find out about our special pricing options and further information.

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