Xero Synch

Xero Synch

Counter Intelligence seamlessly syncs information into your Xero Accounting System.

Yes, the best of both worlds with a powerful Retail system feeding the world’s best accounting system.

This interface runs from Kudos KCloud services in the Cloud and synchs your end of day totals, customer sales and inwards goods directly into Xero.

This enables you to:

  • Have up to the moment financial information in Xero.
  • Reconcile your payments from Visa, Mastercard, cash etc.
  • Push inwards goods deliveries into Accounts Payable in Xero for approval and subsequent payment.
  • Track Cost of Goods sold.
  • Provide financial exposure levels to gift vouchers.
  • Customers invoices and credit notes are pushed into Accounts Receivable.
  • The stock descriptions from Counter Intelligence carry through to the Xero invoice. You may choose to manage the AR ledger in either system.
  • Full branch accounting is provided by mapping your branches in Counter Intelligence.to tracking categories in Xero.
  • Interactively map your POS transaction types to the appropriate GL code in Xero.


How do I get started?Register at www.kudos.net.nz

Request a Xero interaction setup via the Kudos Help Desk.
Logon to Kcloud and map your Counter Intelligence analysis coding to the appropriate account in Xero. New Xero accounts can be interactively created during this process.
Implement the interaction.

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