Products need only be loaded in the Counter Intelligence module that acts as your CMS system.


There are some global settings that will allow you to tune the system to create a great online experience for your customers.

CategoriesCategories may be up to 4 levels deep.A single product may belong to multiple categories.

Search Filters - By using search filters, you can define search criteria that provide better control to achieve more effective and efficient searches. For example a fashion site may wish to allow an on-line customer to define the occasion for which they require a pair of shoes – Party, Work, Ball, Wedding etc.They may also be interested in a particular colour and size.By establishing against the product what occasion(s) it would suit the customer can then be presented with a select list of products.

Clusters – these are groups of associated product that you may like to present as side sells. Using these filters enriches the customer experience by showing depth and thought about a product and improves the chances of them purchasing multiple items. For example a fashion store presents a blouse then they may like to show the other garments that go to make up that story – the jacket, skirt, shoes and bag.

Product Images – multiple images may be set against any product eg you may might choose to see the front, side and rear shots of a product or you may wish to show the images particular to a colour.

Product – Internet Short Description – may be text or HTML code.

Product – Internet Long Description – may betext or HTML code.

Promotions – an easy way to regularly change the products being promoted on your site – perhaps change these weekly for good visual impact to present a fresh website face.





















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