COUNTER INTELLIGENCE - adding a little science to the art of retail

Counter Intelligence reveals the secrets that help retailers to maximise profits. Developed over
two decades, Kudos Solutions has continually consulted with successful retailers to ensure our retail management and POS software provides the functionality they require to maximize sales and margins, and to contain costs.

Our clients cover the whole retail spectrum, from small to large, from fashion to giftware, sporting goods, toys, books, tourism, and food and beverage. Counter Intelligence has been rigorously tested and proven to work brilliantly in all these environments.

Counter Intelligence comprises two programs, Counter Intelligence POS (for use at point of sale) and Counter Intelligence Office (for use at back office or head office for retail management).

CI Package

These programs may operate together in a number of business network models from a single PC or on separate PCs communicating locally, over networks, remotely over telephone lines, or via the Internet. This scalability means that Counter Intelligence provides a solution for every retail situation, be it a single store, a chain of stores, or a franchise operation.

Counter Intelligence POS
Counter Intelligence Office
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Reporting: Counter Intelligence takes you to the heart of the matter

Interrogator, the powerful reporting module at the core of Counter Intelligence, lets you interrogate the data that you collect every time you make a sale or transaction, to unlock the secrets of your retail operation.

Highly flexible selection criteria within Interrogator allow you to generate informative reports on specific areas including: suppliers, branches, departments, product groups, brands, seasons, customers and employees.

Consequently, you can see which aspects of your operation generate the greatest profits, and which areas need your attention.

Scalability: Size is not an issue

Counter Intelligence offers a scalable solution based on Microsoft Access, MSDE, or SQL technologies. So whether you own a single store, a chain of stores, a department store, or are part of a franchise operation, Counter Intelligence can efficiently deliver the information you need to be more successful.
Counter Intelligence operates in Windows XP Pro and Vista for Business environments in multiple
network configurations

Kudos Solutions has a proud tradition in developing leading edge software for retailers and supports sites throughout Australasia and the Pacific Islands. Follow our Seven Steps to Choosing the Right Point of Sale System for new or existing small sized retailers

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